January 27, 2008

Bill Stierle - America's New Parenting Coach

For Immediate Release

Bill Stierle Brings His Unique Approach To Parenting

As The Guest Star in the New Season of

the VH1 Hit Reality Show‘ Scott Baio’

Communications Guru Guides Former Teen Hollywood Heartthrob

As He Copes With Marriage, A 18-Year-Old Step Daughter And A New Baby

New Episodes Every Week!

Hollywood, January 7, 2008 – William “Bill” Stierle, a highly sought after communications specialist known for his practical and innovative approach to overcoming communications roadblocks, will help Hollywood celebrity Scott Baio navigate through the triple challenges of a new marriage, an inherited teenage daughter and his own new-born baby girl in the follow-up season of VH1’s hit reality show, “Scott Baio is 45… and Single.”

Stierle will be featured in multiple episodes of the nine-episode season (six half-hour and three hour-long installments), which debuts Jan. 13th at 10 pm (ET/PT) under its new name, “Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant.”

Throughout the show’s season, viewers will be able to participate in their own Parenting Boot Camp with Stierle, through a series of original webisodes available online at www.williamstierle.com. Each week following the show, a new instructional video will be posted to the site, which elaborates upon the TV show’s episode.

In first season of the show, Baio, the former star of Happy Days and Charles in Charge, struggled with making a commitment to his long-time girlfriend Renee Sloane, 34, a former Playboy Playmate and stunt double for Pamela Anderson. The season concluded with him proposing to her, who in turn surprised him by revealing that she is pregnant with their child. (The couple’s daughter was born on Nov. 2nd.)

Stierle, like Baio, is also the father of a new baby and a teenage stepdaughter. In the show, he uses his own personal experience to coach Baio, and three other first-time fathers, who have agreed to attend a men’s-only parenting class.

“Believe me, I know firsthand the frustrations that Scott and his fellow students experienced as ‘pregnant fathers’,” says Stierle. “But as they found out during the course of the show, none of the daunting challenges proved insurmountable. It all boils down to identifying your own communication style and those around you as well as holding the ground of empathy when things don’t go well.”

A communications consultant for 17 years, Stierle uses a “Whole Brain” approach to help people “understand the three basic human elements to achieve balanced, successful and productive lives.” He’s used his counseling technique, which he calls Stierle Communications Technique, for personal counseling with individuals, couples and families as well as major Fortune 50 corporations, law firms, government agencies, and schools and universities.

“People are always surprised when they discover that I work with individuals as well as multi-national corporations. But the same communication problems that happen in interpersonal relationships also occur in organizational relationships,” says Stierle.

Stierle presents a fresh perspective on how human beings exist and co-exist in the world. His teachings – through consultations, seminars, audio/video tapes and an upcoming book – are filled with invaluable information and practical tools that participants can take home and implement right.

To give an example of Stierle’s technique at work, during the show, Scott Baio must learn how to comfort a crying baby. During the first episode Bill is able to provide language to the new fathers to calm the baby within seconds. This causes Scott to later say, “The teacher of the class, this guy named Bill, he's like the baby whisperer. If I could do what this guy does, life would be so easy!"

At the foundation of his philosophy is a simple observation about human nature: “We all believe that everyone else can read our minds. And even when we do articulate our thoughts, we tend to think everyone else understands exactly what we mean. Message sent is not message received. Through research, we not only know that human beings receive and process information differently, we also know that to create a quality heart communication, our emotions and our needs are to be expressed and connected.”

When communication isn’t effective it’s useless at best or adversarial, at worst. “The absence of effective communication is the basis of most conflict – between individuals, within organizations and even on global level between cultures, religions and nations,” he says.

For more information about Stierle: www.williamstierle.com


January 25, 2008

Revolutionary Baby Spring 2008 Collection

January 2008

Union City, NJ: In less than one year, this humble little t-shirt line went from working out of a 10’x10’ bedroom, to operating from a 2,000 sq. ft. loft, complete with a modern office, showroom and storage facility. The initial collection was created in late 2006 by a single father, with only $1,500 of borrowed money at a 30% interest repayment plan. With just 210 t-shirts stacked in boxes next to his baby’s crib, this determined father packed a bag full of samples and beat it to the NYC baby boutiques. After running around town on a cold December weekend and facing many rejections from buyers, he was able to land two wholesale accounts.

Good, but not enough. Unwavering in his pursuit of success, he hit the circuit again the
following weekend, only to face further rejections. It was on that weekend however, that his t-shirts attracted the eye of an investor who believed in this unique product.
With a little more financing secured, the line officially launched at the ENK Children’s Club Show in NYC in March 2007. During the spring, summer and fall 2007, Revo Baby tested its market by selling direct to customers at the NYC Street Fairs and Festivals. The response from the end customer was overwhelming at these weekend events. The t-shirts generated an average sale of 200+ units per day, between 2 different locations around the city. A cult-like following soon developed from locals and tourists alike, as return customers ventured to the weekly events to purchase these one-of-a-kind items.

Jazmin Chavez, the co-owner of Tonalli, a boutique in Denver, Colorado said, “Your shirts have been a great success in Denver!! Everyone loves them!!”

Today, the line boasts several nationwide wholesale accounts and an active online store. The company’s website also features an interactive picture gallery where parents can submit photos of their babies wearing the t-shirts. Submissions have come from all over the US and as far away as Russia, Argentina and Japan.

The line is now manufacturing its own apparel and has recently added new colors and garment styles. Currently, dad is busy drafting all new designs to be featured during the spring of 2008.

For Revo Baby, this is only the beginning of the revolution.


Revolutionary Baby [revobaby.com]

January 24, 2008

POSH Boutique Expands into New Pearl District Location


POSH Boutique Expands into New Pearl District Location
Portland’s leading modern lifestyle retailer for child, woman and home has expanded into a larger location to showcase exclusive furniture, décor and gear.

PORTLAND, OR (January 24, 2008) In November 2007, POSH Boutique re-opened its doors at 809 NW 11th Avenue in Portland’s Pearl District. The new showroom boasts over 600 additional feet of space, a deeper selection of exclusive merchandise and a prime retail location on family-friendly Jamison Square.

“When we opened in our original location on Johnson Street, we were essentially retail pioneers in the North end of the Pearl,” explains co-owner Sarah Stascausky, “but fast forward a year and a half and things have changed dramatically. Jamison Square has emerged as what is arguably the most popular children’s summertime destination in the City and an influx of family-friendly retailers have made the Pearl a year-round place to play, shop and relax.

We were busting at the seams in our original space due to a loyal and steady stream of customers from all over Portland, including many, many families from right here in the Pearl. So, when we heard that a premium park side location was available it took us all of one day to decide to move and expand.

As Portland’s leading lifestyle boutique for the modern family, POSH Boutique offers an extensive range of eco-friendly, stylish and innovative products for child, woman and home. The new retail space showcases new and exclusive merchandise from select manufacturers. Highlights include:

* Celery Furniture employs traditional mortise and tenon joinery techniques to create simple, innovative and modern furniture designs using eco-friendly materials. POSH Boutique is the exclusive Oregon retailer.

* POSH Baby is our own collection of affordable and stylish apparel, diaper bags and other baby essentials made with fabrics and original illustrations designed exclusively for POSH.

* Naturepedic Organic Mattresses and Mattress Covers contain no vinyl/PVC or polyurethane foam---chemicals commonly found in standard mattresses and covers-- which are believed to release potentially harmful chemicals over time. Crib, Twin and Full size mattresses and covers are available in store and online.

* Netto Collection creates eco-friendly nursery furnishings that are not simply sleek but friendly and fun too. POSH Boutique is the exclusive Oregon retailer.

* Orbit Baby combines sustainable business practices, sophisticated design and smart function to create sensible, safe and stylish child transportation solutions. POSH Boutique is the exclusive Portland retailer.

In addition to exclusive merchandise, the new store also offers new features including a gift registry, free room design consultation services, and an in-store furniture exploration kiosk where customers are able to view furniture and décor items not showcased on the showroom floor.

About POSH Boutique

POSH BOUTIQUE was the brainchild of founder and co-owner Natalie Peters Martin (mother of 4-year old Finn), designer and originator of the POSH BABY brand. The POSH BABY brand was created in 2003 following the birth of Natalie’s son FINN. Essentially, Natalie had the idea to make FINN a pair of scrub pants like the one’s her husband wore to work. From this first pair of scrubs the POSH BABY Brand was born. Today the brand ranges from stylish but affordable play clothes to diaper bags to baby essentials such as blankets, bib, and burps and of course the classic scrub. Natalie opened POSH BOUTIQUE March 2006 (across the street from its current location) in an effort to better showcase the POSH BABY brand alongside similar lifestyle products. Today the store boasts a full range of children’s apparel, modern nursery and children’s furniture, and creative play toys as well as apparel and accessories for moms to be and the modern woman.

In early 2007, Natalie was joined by business partner Sarah Gragg Stascausky (mother of 7- month old Zach and 2-year old Zoë), who coincidentally was Natalie’s first retail customer. Sarah, a graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, worked on Wall Street for 6 years in the equity research department at Robertson Stephens & Company as an analyst covering retail. She also worked in the business development group at bluelight.com and most recently served as the senior furniture and lighting buyer for Cost Plus World Market. Her love of all things modern has driven her to spend the last three years researching the best and the brightest products modern products available for children and making them available through POSH BOUTIQUE and online through the company’s website www.poshbaby.com.

January 18, 2008


Hi Greg,

My friends and I have recently created a site for moms (er, parents). The four of us (one in Amsterdam , one in Paris, one in Milan and I in London ) have set up a blog to write to each other about life in our city and products we LOVE! It has been a fun way for us to stay connected to each other, and we're hoping (fingers crossed) that other moms will enjoy it too!

We're beginners in this world of blogging and websites, but we are quickly learning the importance of web trafficking and site referrals. (I've even learned to edit code- impressive for a computer dunce like me)!! :)

We've added your site to our Blogroll, and thought you might like our site enough to add it to yours?!? Our site might be too "mum-ish" for your new dad readers... but we figured it was worth a shot! :)
Please have a look: www.babyccinoblog.com

Happy Valentines Day - Bump Babies

Vaentines Day
Is only 3 weeks away and its not too late to get our sexy Love [bump] shirt - let the love flow with our super cool, soft, stretchy [bump]-vee which is designed to proudly show off your voluptuous wasitline & celebrate the love. this stylish 100% combed cotton fine jersey short sleeve V-neck tee will take you from here to maternity. 3" side vents. baby pink [bump]-vee with red print & heart with yellow wings. available in S/M & L/XL. made in the USA.


Retail Price: $40.00

I love my [bump]Love your [bump] and be proud of your expanding waistline with our super soft, stretchy [bump]-tees which are sexy & simply [bump]alicious! versatile style. wear it as a scooped neck or off the shoulders for a flirtatious twist. neck & sleeves finished with fine interlock stitch for an urban edge. 3" side vents & bottom are hemmed. sexy cap sleeve. 100% extra soft combed cotton, fine jersey. light blue [bump]-tee with blue denim print and ruby shimmer heart. available in S/M & L/XL.


Retail Price: $38.00

show them who's your daddy with these super funky [bump]-daddy tees that give dads-to-be credit for their part. remember it takes two to tango so let him stand proud and relish in his success with a sense of humor. handsome cut for both style and comfort. 100% extra soft ring spun combed cotton tee with contrasting sleeves and neck. charcoal with silver grey sleeves and matching silver grey print. avail in M, L & XL.


Retial Price: $42.00

[bump] babies
4309 Price St
LA CA 90027


310 346 1303

January 17, 2008



Vancouver, BC January 17, 2008 – Hollywood’s brightest stars were out shining at the exclusive Boom Boom Room Event by invitation-only last weekend, to see the hottest items for babies, big kids and families this year - including the chic accessory line by Goober Baby. The event was held two days before the 65th annual Golden Globes and displayed all the “must have” products and services for the season. Celebrity parents raved about Goober Baby’s Tote Bag and Change Purse, and were wowed by their stylish functionality. Some of the many notable stars include Bridget Moynahan, Angela Bassett, Ali Landry, Ming-Na, Rena Sofer, Jason Priestley and Denise Richards.

“This [Tote Bag] will be perfect for organizing my daughters’ hair barrettes", exclaimed Denise Richards, referring to her two daughters - Sam, 3 ½, and Lola Rose, 2 ½.

Canadian Actor Jason Priestley with his wife Naomi Lowde Priestly and daughter Ava Veronica, 6 months, spent time deciding which Tote Bag was their favourite, but finally chose the posh Bloom collection as the winner.

“It was a fantastic event and an incredible opportunity to showcase our line,” stated Jennifer Bogart, co-founder of Goober Baby.

Melissa Krezanski, also co-founder of Goober Baby, was delighted by the response. “Many celebrities and media commented on how beautiful the fabrics were and had a very difficult time choosing their favourite”.

However such high praise from Hollywood isn’t a first for Goober Baby. In 2007, their special line of 'mommy and me' accessories was chosen by Jayneoni for the Spring Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club – which is an exclusive baby gifting experience for celebrity tots.

Some other Golden Reviews on Goober Baby [photos]

“That’s so great… what a great idea!” – Rena Sofer, Hero's and 24

“These are really cute. I love them!” – Jodie Sweetin, Full House, Pants Off, and Small Bit of Happiness

“I absolutely love this… it’s great!” – Sasha Alexandra, NCIS and Mission Impossible 3

About Goober Baby

Melissa Krezanski and Jennifer Bogart launched Goober Baby in July 2006, the same month that both their daughters turned a year old. Today, the accessory line has grown exponentially and is sold across North America and internationally in boutiques, specialty stores and online retailers. Using hip exterior fabrics, soft linings and chic designs, Goober Baby is functional everyday essentials for moms that never compromise on style. For additional information or to purchase Goober Baby accessories, please visit www.gooberbaby.com or contact


January 16, 2008

Babble News: Puppy Power

Jessica Valenti of Feministing fame writes about her dog as surrogate baby in her essay Puppy Power, this week on Babble’s Notes from a Non-Breeder. Check out Valenti’s foray into motherhood, albeit of the ‘you-can-leave-this-one-at-home-when-you-go-to-the-bar’ kind.


Babble (www.babble.com) is a site that breaks the mold of parenting magazines, tackling the subject with fresh wit and honesty that speaks to a new generation of moms and dads. With exciting interviews and A-list writers, plus reviews of featured books, games, and other media, Babble has something for every parent. Since its inception in December 2006, Babble has had 1.5 million unique visitors. Babble now attracts 350,000 monthly visitors and organic traffic growth has doubled in the last six months, and continues to grow exponentially.

Bumkins to Report to Who-ville


For Immediate Release
Press Contact:
Holly Holliday
Bumkins Finer Baby Products

Bumkins to Report to Who-ville

Bumkins Finer Baby Products Creates HORTON HEARS A WHO! Apparel

For Even Your Smallest Who

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - January 16, 2008 - "A person's a person. No matter how small!" In celebration of Dr. Seuss's newest book-to-movie adaptation, Bumkins Finer Baby Products is announcing a new addition to its already widely popular Dr. Seuss family of baby products. The Horton line coincides with the anticipated release of HORTON HEARS A WHO! - 14 March 2008 (USA).

Voicing the lead role as Horton the elephant marks Jim Carrey's second time working on a Dr. Seuss film, "The Grinch", and Steve Carrell's first. Both comedic giants are newcomers to lending their talents to bringing CGI animated characters to life. Filmmakers are hoping the film's CG imagery transports fans into the world of Dr. Seuss.

"After years of anticipation, we are as excited, if not more, as the most dedicated Seuss fan," said Jakki Liberman, Bumkins founder and President. "Bumkins is proud to be in our third year as an official licensee of Dr. Seuss and we make it our responsibility to continue to represent the brand to its fullest."

The multi-generational appeal of Bumkins' favorite resident elephant plays out in a line of baby accessories and products that kids will love to wear and moms will love to buy. The expanded Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection starts at $5.95 and includes bibs, diapers, tees and bodysuits in a number of sizes for any Who, "No matter how small!" Any parent wishing to share their favorite Seuss story will love the tees and bodysuits, which are made of 100% cotton interlock, while diapers and bibs are made of Bumkins' award-winning, American made waterproof material that is an industry standard for safety being PVC, phthalate and lead free. Bumkins is offering Horton-inspired prints in both girl and boy color schemes featuring the recharged but timeless jungle residents of Nool from Dr. Seuss' classic HORTON HEARS A WHO!

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bumkins Finer Baby Products was founded by Jakki Liberman, who through necessity, developed the original Bumkins products to assist her in caring for her four children. Bumkins has grown to offer an ever-expanding line of premium baby apparel and accessory products with a strong focus on function and design. www.bumkins.com

# # #

Please visit our media-friendly link to access product photos and a copy of the HORTON HEARS A WHO! press release.

Where: http://www.bumkins.com/press_room/downloads/index.asp (photos & a .pdf of this press release)

January 10, 2008

Ouef Goodies > Tooth Fairy Pillow

Now the tooth fairy has a quick and easy way to find your little ones tooth with a special pillow especially made for that unique exchange of tooth and cash!

Oeuf's new Tooth Fairy Pillow, in the shape of a friendly molar, features a pocket in back for the tooth and fairy's deposit. Made of 100$ pima, it is soft and cushy and may become your child's favorite new little friend.


Oeuf company site [oeufnyc.com]

January 8, 2008

Orbit Baby Launches New Toddler Car Seat

Revolutionary design eases travel with toddlers

Newark, CA – (January, 2008) It’s been years in development, and Spring 08, Orbit Baby will unveil their revolutionary Toddler Car Seat.

Parents across the country, as well as customers enjoying the remarkable aspects of the Orbit Infant System, can benefit from the system’s progressive design as their children outgrow their Infant Car Seats.

The Orbit Toddler Car Seat is like no other. As with the Orbit Infant System, the Orbit Toddler Car Seat docks onto the SmartHub™ Base for your car, the Orbit Stroller, and the Orbit Rocker. Through these components, the Toddler Car Seat offers unique functions that would otherwise require more gear.

The SmartHub™ Base, which is also sold separately, is uniquely designed to allow for safe and secure docking from almost any angle, which reduces back strain and emotional frustration. Like Orbit Baby’s Infant Car Seat, the Toddler Car Seat also rotates on Stroller 360 degrees to lock in several different positions. Along with a detachable UV Sunshade, this system allows for unprecedented convenience and flexibility for parents on the move, as they take their children from car to airplane to strolling with just a few pieces of gear.

The Orbit Toddler Car Seat is for children from 15 to 50 pounds, and up to 49 inches tall.

Children can use the Toddler Car Seat rear-facing on the Orbit Base up to 35 pounds before using it forward-facing (with the included Braces) until a weight of 50 pounds. The Toddler Car Seat can also be installed without the SmartHub™ Base, either forward- or rear-facing, when traveling in taxis/airplanes/trains (with the included Braces).

Orbit Baby uses EPP foam in their carseats, which is higher-grade, softer, and more durable than the brittle Styrofoam (EPS) used in most other carseats. Extensive side-impact protection areas have multiple foam zones to keep children secure.

The Toddler Car Seat coordinates seamlessly with existing Orbit Baby components, as it is available in both Black/Slate and Mocha/Khaki. However, you don’t need other Orbit products to appreciate the sleek design and upscale colors that compliment a wide array of vehicle types. The Toddler Car Seat has an adjustable head rest and fully removable plush upholstery that can be cleaned without detaching the restraint harness.

In addition to producing the best-designed carseats out there, Orbit Baby is committed to sustainability and using baby-safe materials and practices. They are the first baby gear company committed to ridding their supply chain of PVC, chrome-plating, and oil-based packaging inks.

The Orbit Toddler Car Seat package, including Braces and an attachable UPF 50+ UV Sunshade, will be sold at select baby boutiques across the nation. MSRP $300.

Orbit’s products give parents everything they need for taking their baby on the go: Have baby, will travel. Orbit Baby, Inc. is headquartered in Newark, California and is led by CEO Joseph Hei, and COO Bryan White.


Orbit Baby company site [orbitbaby.com]
Image: Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat photos at CarolynLeber PR [leberpr.com]