"My name is being witheld by the RCMP, and I...AM...Canadian!!!"
News, views and revenues from the Mafiaboy saga. (Looking for South Park stuff? Sweeeet. Scroll down.)

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Mafiaboy, keepin' it real at the court house on the January morning he pleaded guilty, sportin' Rocawear and the gear of choice among criminal defendants, Sean John.

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Live links
Friday, August 29
Yikes. When one teenager gets arrested for viruswriting, sites about past teen haxxploiters get pounded with visits.

Except for the fact that Minnesota (the home of Blaster suspect Jeffrey Lee Parson) is the most like Canada of any state in the Union, there's no known connection between Blasterboy and Mafiaboy.

Still, thanks for stopping by. While you're here, why not buy a Roc-a-wear jacket?

Friday, April 18
[via The Reg] SecurityFocus has a report from the RSA Security Con, where Hacker-turned-securty-consultant Kevin Mitnick got to face off with the guy who prosecuted him, the DOJ's Christopher Painter. The question: "Should You Hire a Hacker?" The name of the panel shows Mitnick's uphill battle: "Foxes in the Hen House".

Friday, April 11
Hey to everyone from Finland! I don't know if there's a Finnish Slashdot or what, but thanks, to the crowds who visited from Finland yesterday. In 15-minute spurts. Between 13:00 and 17:00 GMT-5. All from the same IP address. I know it's a very small country, but it looks like all of you got at least a 0.5 second chance to check out the site. Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 23
News.com: Monday's Distributed Denial of Service (DOS) attacks on 9 of the 13 root servers "failed" (but you wouldn't know anyway)

Washington Post: "This was the largest and most complex DDOS attack ever against the root server system." Mafiaboy's February 2000 attacks--although not against root servers, but against "God" (i.e., Yahoo.com) and other major public sites--was previously the largest.

Friday, June 21
Recent DoS attacks recall Mafiaboy's Y2K exploits [via VNUnet.com]
Target list confirms CNN's losing relevance to hacker demographic: Weather.com, ABCNews.com, Foxnews.com, ESPN.com
For some reason, the Dutch are loving this story (Dutch traffic at mafiaboy.com's been higher than ever since last week)

Friday, June 7
NEW BOOK: The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers by Dan Verton- Seemingly
sympathetic book lets Hackers speak for themselves, makes Mafiaboy one of its stars [Buy the book at Amazon, and maybe post a review?] [Read the Salon review]
Mafiaboy lifestyle brushstroke: "the skinny, dark-haired, boy next door who loved playing basketball--almost as much as he loved computers..."
With a subtitle that sounds like Pr0n spam (HOT! TEEN! CONFESSIONS!) and "language [that] does get a bit purple and breathless at times," maybe Verton should charge subscriptions.

Mafiaboy sentenced to eight months detention [CP, via Canoe.ca] [from Wired]
Obligatory fashion report: "(Mafiaboy) dressed in an untucked beige shirt and matching cotton pants"
He was taken into "open detention" immediately, with less supervision and possible weekends off.

Mafiaboy wore a "White Hat" (in his own mind). Theme: the loss of innocence. [from the National Post]
Social Worker: "Yahoo was God to [Mafiaboy], or was God until he was able to break in."
Regarding Mafiaboy.com: "The infamous hacker revels in the attention paid to his naughty deeds."
[Guess what? Yahoo's not God, and Mafiaboy.com's not Mafiaboy.Please scroll down.]

Social worker wants to give Mafiaboy five months"
[CP, via canoe.ca] [also in wired.com]
Bonus colorful detail: Attacked Yahoo! because it's "the God of all Internet sites."
Social worker: (He) "needs more discipline in his life."
Mafiaboy: "I might move to Italy."

Mafiaboy sentencing hearing: "I was just testing the security
of those sites"
(AP, via news.com)
De rigeur fashion report: "he wore a blue dress shirt outside baggy cotton pants"

FLASH: Mafiaboy enters guilty plea just days before trial start
[via News.com] [in Quebecois, via mmedium.com]
Mafiaboy lawyer Yan Romanowksi discusses the difficult case ahead for the prosecutors...which his client's plea now saves them from...

Latest court appearance: Mafiaboy prefers Ivy League schools for hacks [CP via canoe.ca]
Some charges related to "visits" to Yale and Harvard's networks
Back-to-school (and court) fashion bonus: "[Mafiaboy] stood solemnly before the judge, clutching a multi-coloured jacket and baseball cap." (See pic at top of page)

FBI's formula: Canada+Internet=Crime, I guess[Reuters, via ZDNet]
In an unrelated story of securities fraud, Mafiaboy case cited as "another cyber-sleuthing success" of RCMP/FBI cooperation. Congratulations! We'll make you a state yet!

Which Mafiaboy attack "alarmed Internet users around the globe?" Why, Outlawnet.com, of course [via Wired]
Other sites included in the new charges: Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and Dell

Mafiaboy pleads innocent, has "blank look" [from CNET]
"His lawyer: "It's not a happy moment in his life." (being called only "bright," not l33t would bring you down...)

Mafiaboy gets new charges [via NYTimes. login may be required]
And we missed Mafiaboy's birthday!! (July 17; it was a Monday, so the curfew's 10PM) Happy 16th, MB!

Webyte article mentions mafiaboy.com. Grazie!
con poca originalità, si, ma con molta velocità

Before you name your son Mafiaboy, check out this baby name
(via Google)
("Uncontrolled outbursts of temper could cause problems..." No kidding.)

Reality mimics Austin Powers: "I want to be Mafiaboy" (I <heart > mmedium.com)
Highlights: a pic of Patrick "Mafiaboy" Lagacé.
Dramatized post-arrest dinner conversation.
Lifestyle tip: Mafiaboy's family drives a LandRover.

Mafiaboy's curfew lightened: Look out, Ladies! [from mmedium.com, in Quebecois] [in English via ZDNet]
Prosecutors promise more charges, but in the mean time, he can stay out till 10, and midnight on weekends.
Lawyer: "Mafiaboy works in a restaurant")
Bonus English quote from the prosecutor: "It's only a question of time before we lay the charges."

Classmates sent the media after a faux Mafiaboy
via mmedium.com, in Quebecois]
"Men want to be him, and women want to bewith him." -Basil Exposition.
"There were journalists and cameras everywhere, trying to film us" - Decoy's mother

News of the Weird mentions Mafiaboy's Dad
But it's the first story about the Fight Club at Brigham Young University that cracked me up.
BYU Fight Song:"We will fight, day or night, rain or snow"

Mafiaboy's free for a summer of love (or ete de l'amour
, I guess, since it's in French) [ZDNet France exclusive]

US News and World Report picks up...the pieces
Hacking damages calculations include "losses in market capitalization from tumbling stock prices"?? Finally, a solution for those losing e-tailer stocks'

The Globe and Mail sings: I wanna go where everybody knows my name
So why aren't The Globe's ex-CEO's too young to be identified by name for their crimes?

USAToday, with quotes like this, you can appear outside my hotel door anytime
"'You wouldn't want your kids to emulate him,' said Nicole Bertrand, a neighbor, 'On the other hand, he'll probably get a great job with an Internet company and make lots of money some day.''
Lifestyle tip: "Mafiaboy plays a mean game of hoops and prefers his jeans baggy."

Check out USA Today's "Interactive Graphics," starring (who else?) Mafiaboy
We're looking at the future of reporting here. Order some snacks and curl up in front of your PC.

In Seattle, they're confounded at how Mafiaboy's able to bag the babes, despite his technical shortcomings:
"And from what I hear, he didn't even write the tools," snips an oh-so-elite-but-lonely "computer security expert"

Le magazine Transfert examine the questions around Mafiaboy's identity [en Français, subscription required]
That headline is practically French, but it still makes sense! merci, merci very much
Mafiaboy.com: "site de soutien." Soutien?? Opportunisme, peut-être, mais...

2600 publishes an incriminating IRC conversation from Mafiaboy.
Or DO they?
Hmmm...maybe there's a reason there's no "IRC Usernames: Fingerprints for the 21st Century" seminar at HOPE 2000...

The Washington Post comes through with a People-like trove of details:
'He was a bit of a showoff,' said one of his classmates.
'He had a real attitude. He knew he wanted to graduate someday, but he knew he had problems.'
"He hung out generally with the tough guys and was known to smoke cigarettes."
"In dress, he favored baggy pants, a loose-fitting yellow jacket and Nike [REALLY?? - ed.] T-shirts and shoes."
"'He likes to chill the girls after school,' said one student having a cigarette at 'The Pit,' the unofficial smoking area just outside the school fence..."
"The 5-foot 11 youth played guard in a Saturday afternoon basketball league on a team called the Brookwood Jazz."
"Although he is said to have had one or two girlfriends over the years, he does not have one now, classmates said."(Attention, ladies!!)

Mafiaboy's father arrested for "conspiracy to assault" [CP, via canoe.ca]
Hacker's Dad doesn't grasp remarkable potential of the net to wreak havoc, plots to 'kick some ass'
Mafiadad: president of a transport company, wears fancy sweatsuits, is "known to talk loudly on his cell phone in the garden"
Mafiaboy?? Transportation??? Assault???? Sir, I meant no disrepect. It's strictly business.
(Get a cool worldphone here.)

Entrevue with the RMCP's Inspecteur Rousseau [Radio Canada, real audio] [In Quebecois.]
Note: Blake Edwards was not involved in this production in any way.

A school chum explains Mafiaboy's secret with the ladies
[04/19/00, via canoe.ca]
"He hangs out with people, he's athletic, there's nothing odd about him or anything...He's just a regular kid."

Wired Says: Blame Canada
Hey, I think they're trying to muscle in on our mp3 search engine traffic...

Quelle Surprise... John Vranesevich brings some clear-headed perspective to this issue
But there aren't any products mentioned...

"These recent attacks are akin to cow tipping,"[via ZDNet]
You mean, an unsubstantiated urban legend?

RCMP Press Conference [CBC, real audio, in English]
Inspecteur Roussel: Do you have a *.ram?

Yahoo! puts together an interesting list of web resources re
our boy and DoS

Old media, do you feel that breathing on your neck??

Security Watch has the story and useful background, context, and links
including, for entertainment purposes only, you understand, this site

Read the RCMP press release in English or en Version Quebecois
"Charges laid." (See? Shagpad was right.)

CNN refuses to be just a victim

Expired Links
USA Today: "Anon" may be Mafiaboy's wingman (04/20/00 expired link)
(altavista citations for mafiaboy:125. for anon:349,364. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.)
IRC denizens uncharacteristically critical of 'script kiddie' in post-game interviews (04/20/00 expired link)
"[Providers of terms that prove a journalist's street cred] communicate in a computerese patois sometimes barely decipherable as English." Maybe it's Quebecois?
An editorial from Italia Online about il baby-sabotatore (expired link. che tragedia)
As Mafiaboy shows, even hacking sounds better in Italian
Some choice slices of Mafiaboy's life (from Canada.com, 04/20/00 expired link)
"News of the suspected hacker's arrest was not widely known at Riverdale High.
Many students confused him with other fellow classmates."
Finally, we're getting some real insight - From The Toronto Star: (04/20/00 expired link)
"The local style (of the Montreal suburb where Mafiaboy gets all that play) is now large houses,
two-car garages, expensive cars, vans and four-wheel drive vehicles - and sweat suits."

USAToday leads with a sober, "just the facts," story not even mentioning Mafiaboy by, er, name (04/19/00 expired link)
(a little less competition for this site in the search engine wars)...

...While ABCNews.com puts this snazzy graphic on its front page
(Q: Why don't we ever hear about the "USATodayification" of Times Square?)

Mafiaboy Arrested

Banner ad text: "Find Spring Surprises at DisneyStore.com" (Mafiaboy's first sponsor! heh. Here's the story.)


Old articles. Aah, we were so innocent before April 19...
(Conspiracy theorists'll love this timing. Now what about 420?)

SWF Wrtr ISO hckr, must lk soy, canvas shoes. >15 a+, not req.
(From The Nation- which, oddly, doesn't offer an affiliate program for subscriptions)
Buy Naomi Klein's book, No Logo: Taking Care of the Brand Bullies

CanadaNews at About.com
(Do they call it "aboot.com?" Sorry I asked...)


My guess is, Mafiaboy's gettin' alot of mad play; Now that he's a media star,
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FIDNET (what, no site? suspicious...)
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